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A much nicer morning

Wednesday, 07 July 2010


                                         Red Barcelona and Power of Dreams

                               ''He that does good to another, also does good to himself.''

                                                                             - Seneca



A much nicer morning here in Newmarket with a little bit of high cloud cover and a few drops of rain but not enough to dampen the dust. It is just nice that the temperature is bearable. Normal exercise with all the horses in great form and the whole team in good spirits.


   Steve Smith-Eccles shares a joke with the Rev. Graham Locking and Jenko

I have just got another point to add to my ten points on improving racing and this is a bit of an in-house one:

11. Over the last few years all the race planning, i.e. what races are run, what distance they are run over, what penalties horses have to carry and the race conditions have all got very stereotyped. That means that, if you win any race, you are nearly guaranteed to carry a six pound penalty in every race for the next seven days; there does not seem to be any exception to this system. It cuts out the need for any trainer to use his brain when placing his horses. They must bring back a much more interesting and imaginative system of penalties and conditions, which would make it far more interesting for the public as well. On another race planning point, there are some courses which, when you win a seller or a claimer, lower the percentage that they take from the sale or claim. This encourages trainers to run in these races and, I think, it should be the norm. rather than the exception, as at present, in most of the sellers run, the racecourses take 50% of the excess. We need to encourage the clerks of the course to have a more creative approach, when race planning. I also think there is about to be a complete consultation study, starting to be undertaken on the whole handicap system, which seems to have got totally out of control. This will be a very good thing if done correctly


                                                                          Ice Magic


                                                                Blinka Me

It was nice to see that justice was done last night and that Uruguay were beaten by the Dutch. Not a brilliant game but it is marvellous that it is going to be a European final and let us hope that the best team wins.