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A warmish morning with high cloud

Monday, 12 July 2010


Miss Wendy

''It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.''  - Seneca


Number One Guy

A warmish morning with high cloud and we have been promised rain by the forecasters but my guess is that we will miss it all. - let's hope not but I would not hold your breath. Everything has been doing just one nice canter up Long Hill and a leisurely walk home. They will all be having a swim tonight, which they now look forward to and are really beginning to know the routine. 


Rev. Graham Locking looking sheepish about his expanding waistline

Not many runners in the early part of the week purely because of the ground but if we do get rain we have entries all over the country at the end of the week. Theola won in really game fashion at Chester on Saturday in a race that was not run to suit her at all. Pat gave her a thoroughly good ride and it was a fantastically game performance as she carried 10 st. and is not very big to do that but she is so determined and sticks her head out and wants to please you all the time. It was the performance of an improving filly, who is only four and will continue to progress. There is a race at Glorious Goodwood that may suit. I must mention here Des and Mariann, who bred the filly at their Swordlestown Little Stud and have had a great week, as they also had a winner by Azamour out of the same mare.  


Comrade Bond cooling down after exercise

The World Cup final was not a very good spectacle or advertisement for the game of football. It was as I thought it would be though: the Dutch trying to stop the Spanish playing. You have got to be disappointed with the referee as well, as he should have sorted it out early in the game and sent a player off. That would have warned the players, opened the game up and hopefully the tournament would have finished on a high rather than provoking headlines shouting disgrace. 


Cornish Quest having a bath