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An overcast morning but still no rain

Tuesday, 13 July 2010



Darryll Holland on his first day riding out again

''I always felt that I hadn't achieved what I wanted to achieve. I always felt I could get better. That's the whole incentive.''

  - Virginia Wade


Forgotten Army (Ashley) and Ted Spread (Darryll)

An overcast morning but still no rain, even though the forecasters keep telling us it is coming our way. Plenty of jockeys in this morning, including Darryll Holland, who it is great to have back after his broken collar bone incident. Along with Liam Jones, Pat Cosgrove and Simon Pearce, we now have a formidable work riding team. It is great for our in-house lads to ride work with the experienced lads and it certainly brings the horses along well. The watered gallop on Racecourse side has held up remarkably well this summer but they have been using more ground than I have ever known. I know that I keep saying it but if only racecourses could get ground this good. 


Astroleo (Maria) and No Rules (Iain) with Kinsya (The Ecc.) following

Plenty of chat in the Racing Post today on the editorial pages and on the letters' page re: the state of British racing. The BHA are not publishing the 2011 fixture list because they are blaming the betting industry for finding every loophole they can to avoid paying the levy. Historically, the levy has been the backbone of the prize money in British racing but has been decreasing quite rapidly this last few years. There are literally thousands of people, who depend on the fixture list and its offshoots but this year will be facing massive cuts in their income streams. It is out of order that so many people should suffer because the betting industry is bypassing the levy to increase their own profits. Something must be done urgently and I hope our industry leaders have the will, the determination and the know-how to  see this through to a sensible conclusion, which is fair to everybody. 


Ice Magic (Colin) and Prince Freddie (Darryll)


Comrade Bond (Liam) and Princess Izzy (Nicki)


Cornish Quest (Colin), Star Commander (Darryll) and Battery Power (Ashley)