In and out as quickly as possible ...

Let's make the most of the dry day

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

"There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. "

Alfred Wainwright.

Comrade Bond leading Swilken and Astrovirtue 

There was plenty of rain overnight but the forecast for today is for it to remain dry. I think this is the only day this week that it will be, as the forecast is for bands of rain to come in from the Atlantic. Steve has had the yearlings out in amongst the racehorses in the indoor ride this morning, and it is amazing how they soon get the hang of all the goings on, with lights, music etc. He will have someone on their backs very shortly as many of them are now in long reins.

Out cantering even before the light is up

I failed to mention yesterday Tony McCoy’s good showing in the BBC’s Sports Personality Of The Year. He deservedly won it two years ago and it was a great achievement to finish in the frame once again. I am sure that once he gets to 5000 winners he will win it once again. What a great ambassador he is for our sport. 

Khalid leading out ex Azure Mist yearling

I see the Irish authorities are cutting the cost to owners of things involving registrations, such as colours, client fees and general registrations. I would have thought this would be a great idea for British owners, as the costs everybody incurs just continue to rise and Weatherbys have a monopoly on this issue. They do a fantastic job, but a reduction, or a freeze for a number of years, would go a long way to encourage people to stay in the game. These additional costs mount up every year and are things you have forgotten until they appear on your Weatherbys statement. Let’s hope the powers that be can understand this and bring some bearing on the matter.