Sylvestre de Sousa is doing so well ...

A new face at Exeter Ride

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

"A genius is one who shoots at something no one else can see - and hits it."


Dutch Art ex Sosumi and Lexi Grady Alice

We were greeted by thick fog this morning, especially at first lot where everybody was setting off cantering at the foot of Warren Hill. As you rose up the hill, it suddenly cleared to be bright blue sky at the top. It was marvellous to look down on the town which was covered in fog and you were in the clear above it. The murk has soon blown away though and now we are into third and fourth lot, it is bright but cold.


I see Betfred have completed the payment to the government for the Tote, which they purchased in 2011. They have also increased their contribution to the industry, which is welcome. Am I the only one, or is it everybody, who cannot see where this side of the industry is going. The Tote in private hands, a few racecourses having their own Tote, I just can’t see where the future lies for this type of betting. There doesn’t seem to be any plan, or if there is, nobody is telling anybody about it.

Introducing Jack to Exeter Ride

I see that the personnel at Racing Welfare have changed again, and that the head of welfare has been replaced by her understudy. This charity is a marvellous one and could and should be the best racing one we have. However, it has been very low profile for a long time and needs to get back into the spotlight and shout about all the good it does. It is a charity for everybody in racing - lads, trainers, stud staff, stall handlers; you name it, if you are involved in racing, this charity can help. For a long time now, Graham Locking, the vicar, has been the only visible representative. This needs to change with the almoner’s getting out and about in the yards. There has also been some talk, and I think it needs to happen, for Racing Welfare to have an office at the Astley Club. Everybody would get to see somebody in a more visible position, rather than having to go hunting for the offices, which are up a back street in Newmarket.