It's Champions weekend ...

Some of my fellow trainers will need plenty of luck

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

"Next to excellence is the appreciation of it."

William Makepeace.

Smiling despite the rain

It’s one of those really wet, cold, murky mornings and you just have to grin and bear it and get on with the job. It always amazes me how cheerful everybody in the industry is on days like this, with strings of horses out and about, all chatting away and getting on with the daily routine. We have been out on the heath with the older horses, and the younger ones have stayed in the indoor ride. Not only will it keep them warmer, it will keep them clean as well.

Walking out to exercise

I see the Irish racing spectacular in Ireland is really gearing up. The Irish Champion Stakes and Irish St Leger will top the bill and will be joined by three other Group 1 races. All together there will be ten Group races on the card over the two days. It clashes with our St Leger here, which will be a big blow to that meeting, but this is the way racing seems to be going at the moment, all or nothing, whether it is this situation, or the Good Friday jamboree that will only benefit the big yards once again.

I see on another note the Italian Racing Authorities have had an ultimatum given to them that if they don’t pay the prize money which is owed, they will be cut off from being members of the European Pattern, and will loose all their Group race status. Their racing is going through a terrible patch, similar to the country; at least we should count our blessings that we are not quite as bad as them yet.


I see the Qatari Sheikh has put all his trainers into training for the London Marathon. It is all in a great cause as the money raised will go to Racing Welfare, a charity I was commenting about yesterday. I hope they all finish sound, but knowing a few as I do, I am sure there will be plenty of excuses before the big day as to how and why they cannot complete the course. But good luck to them all, they will certainly need it.