They are not children ...

Only 2mm. of rain overnight

Thursday, 15 July 2010


         MHT with the two presenters from the German film crew

''You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.''

 - James Allen


Marvo (Steve Avery)

Only 2mm. of rain overnight, so just enough to damp the dust; otherwise, a much fresher feel to the day with strong, blustery winds. We have been having two canters up Warren Hill with the runners having a pipe-opener and some of the others having a better canter. Unfortunately, Doncaster only had a drop of rain overnight and the ground remains good-to-firm, so Smokey Oakey is a non-runner. The rain seems to be so localized that it is almost  impossible to make plans and with 48 hour declarations, it is anyone's guess, what the ground is going to be like somewhere in two day's time. 


The film crew

We have had a German film crew here second lot, doing a piece for a science and knowledge programme back in Germany, focusing on the training and breeding of the racehorse. They came out onto Warren Hill to film the horses and to discuss their training regimes and I am taking them back to the stud later to show them some foals, in order to demonstrate what makes a good racehorse. They are over in England for a couple of weeks, doing various films on ghosts in a castle in Kent; the similarity between humans and fish, as mammals, in Cambridge;  the flora in the Antartic with the British Antartic Survey and on racehorses here in Newmarket.


Astromoon (Michelle) and Zenarinda (Maria)

I am trying to have as many runners as possible while this rainy spell lasts but it is proving very difficult to make decisions with the rain, causing flooding in some places and missing others altogether. Who would be a trainer! Let us hope that we can get a good few of them out onto the racecourse and give their owners some fun.   


Princess Izzy (Nicki)  and Kathleen Frances (Butch)


Locum (Zezhavz)