It's Champions weekend ...

Taunton racecourse passed the inspection

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

"There are so many things that we wish we had done yesterday, so few that we feel like doing today."

Mignon McLaughlin.

Steve watching proceedings

There is no rain this morning as yet, but it is pretty cold and the temperature is only going one way at present. The forecast is for east winds to blow, which can only mean Siberian air coming our way.  I have a new member of staff this morning from Malta. Glen arrived from the British Racing School, a really cheerful happy lad who should get on well within the team. I am sure he will be feeling the cold, unlike one of our other members, Emilie, who is from deepest Sweden where she was telling me it was -15 and plenty of snow. It is amazing nowadays the wide diversity of staff working within the industry. They all get on really well, with the horses as the main focus.

On the horsewalk outside Exeter Ride

I believe racing goes ahead today at Taunton, where there was a 7 a.m. inspection. Most of the courses are nearly completely waterlogged and the hammering they are taking at present, cannot be doing them much good. The only one good thing is there is no frost. If there was it would penetrate the ground so deeply and we would have no racing at all other than on the dire all-weather that continues to flood the bookies. This heavy ground can suit some horses, but it is also very tiring and can bottom horses very quickly, plus it pulls on all the tendons and joints. Anything with a slight problem can aggravate it very quickly. 


The indoor school in the sun

It shows how bad the racing is on the all-weather, when the headlines today are about two old horses, La Estrella and Stand Guard. They are taking each other on in a seller at Southwell, for the title of the most prolific winner on the all-weather. The horses connections have made a meal of how unsound both horses are, but surprisingly enough they keep winning in the right grade and also seem to run every week or so. It might be worth watching though and let’s hope the best man wins.