It's Champions weekend ...

Somerset will soon be getting the help they need

Thursday, 30 January 2014

"Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go."

William Feather.

Champs Elysees ex Azure Mist

We are still getting rained on this morning and it has never stopped since first light. The poor people who live on the Somerset levels, must be in complete despair as they have had this and been under water for well over a month. At long last it looks like somebody has taken notice of the locals and the rivers and dykes will be dredged when they can get to them. We are very lucky here in Newmarket that we get very little flooding. There is a main drain which goes all the way through the town, past our yard and out towards Exning and then eventually on to the wash. In over 30 years I can’t remember much of a flood, only on the old Phantom Stud before they built houses upon it.

Dutch Art ex Sosumi

There are two great articles today in the Racing Post. The first one is on the gambling and syndicate empire called The Edge, in Australia, which has just collapsed and gone into administration. It looks to me very similar to the pyramid financial crash that happened both here and in America, but this time with horses. I hope the publicity in Australia does not put off the Australian public, or in fact our racing public, in getting involved in syndicates, as there are so many genuine ones out there. With the now new association RSACA, which stands for Racing Syndicates And Clubs Association, which we are a member of, everybody can feel assured that these groups run there businesses with integrity and honesty.

The other great article is the one on Coolmore V Godolphin, which has been going on now for as long as I can remember, with the two sides fighting for the best bloodstock and to make the top stallions. There have always been battles like this over the centuries and that is what brings the excitement and colour to our industry. It will be interesting to see if the Qatari new blood becomes the third power to compete with the other two. In fact if ever the Chinese got involved it might make it four. 

         95_Likelike__L_Tinka     87_ex_Dulcie12-001
                Likelikelikelikeit, Little Tinka and ex Dulcie '12 in their new home in Sevilla

It was great to receive pictures this week of some of our inmates which have just arrived in Spain to continue their careers. We sold two horses in training and two nice yearlings by Motivator and Champs Elysees. They are in Sevilla in the warm weather and I am sure they will all do well for their new owner.

The mare, Twelfth Night, with her owner Dena

Still no foals and we are now starting to get a back log with the ones well overdue for January and the February ones starting to look much nearer. I am sure we will get a rush on one night. Dena Arstall called in the other day, picture above, to see her mare Twelfth Night who was due on 18th January. She was expecting by now for her to have had a foal, but a packet of polos or two later and a pat on the neck was all she got as the mare is getting fatter but as yet no foal.