Sylvestre de Sousa is doing so well ...

Our first time mum is doing so well

Wednesday, 05 February 2014

"There is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation."

Pamela S. Nadav.

Halling ex Twelfth Night with Bracken Brae

We had another really windy and wet night and I think the forecast is for it to continue for most of the day and through to the weekend. Our thoughts go out to those poor people who are flooded. It is very hard to imagine their despair and frustration at not having help, or the foresight to have done something about it. Let’s hope the powers that be can get their brains into gear and instead of spending the money on completely irrelevant ideas, they can start the dredging of the rivers and build more flood defences.

We had a bit of fun and games this morning on the heath, with one of the two-year-old colts getting loose (yes it was yours Richard Farleigh). He proceeded to kick the girl and run back towards town on the Warren Hill polytrack. Luckily I was at the bottom and doing everything I could to distract him and slow him down. It worked and I managed to catch him and get the partnership back together, where they proceeded to canter up the hill without a problem. I am delighted with this years two-year-olds and they look as if they will be running reasonably early.

The Footstepsinthesand ex Diverting foal

We had another foal last night; Diverting gave birth to a bay filly by Footstepsinthesand, her first foal. It is always fascinating to see these mares have their first foals, as suddenly there is another little person in the box with them. I must say she took it very well and really loves her. The mare did jump up quite quickly though, but there was plenty of licking and apart from a few squeals when we were trying to get the foal to suck, all has gone smoothly since. We have now got two very healthy foals.

Mum looking on proudly

I am pleased to see somebody agrees with me (letters Racing Post) that the BHA’s ban on an owner using the prefix Gabrial when naming all his horses, is completely ridiculous. Whoever thinks these ideas up is certainly brainless. They were blaming the idea that punters would get confused. Whenever has a punter got confused when backing a horse? The sooner this daft idea is overturned the better. Let’s hope that Mr Bittar can do a Mr Cameron and overturn this ban, in a similar way to how the pub opening time for the World Cup has been overturned by the Prime Minister. Common sense is all that is needed.