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Happy Birthday Glenn

Thursday, 13 February 2014

"The past can't see you, but the future is listening."

Terri Guillemets.

A nice canter

It’s cold this morning but at least there is no rain and it is amazing how quickly the ground soon dries up in Newmarket. There were several strings cantering on the grass on Warren Hill this morning, which shows what I am talking about. The forecast is for horrendous rain this weekend and let’s hope that will be the last of it. Just a normal morning cantering and all has gone well so far. 


The floods continue to hit the racecourses and the picture of the Windsor paddock says it all. With the Thames bordering the track, it must have flooded the majority of the course. I was reading this morning that they hadn’t dredged the Thames because of some rare mussel which lived in certain areas. The local residents must be very disappointed that they live in such close proximity to such valued creatures. When we are stupid enough to let this happen heads must roll, but I am sure like all public employees, they will somehow get away with it.

Keeping the yards clean

There’s an interesting and very revealing article on the plight of Irish trainers in the Racing Post today. I can assure everybody it is exactly the same in England and nobody is making any money whatsoever. It just comes in and goes out. If it wasn’t for all the foreign owners, there would be many empty yards in town. The only way to change this is to radically increase the prize money, which means legislation going through parliament and as we all know, this takes forever. I cannot see any great improvement for many years.   It is a way of life and I am sure it will continue like that.

Glenn on his birthday wrapped up against the cold

It’s Glenn’s birthday today, one of our new members of staff. He hails from Malta and has been at the British Racing School on one of its courses. He is a really good lad with a great work ethic, loves his horses and I am sure will go far in the industry.