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At last Azure Mist has her foal

Friday, 14 February 2014

"Oh, if it be to choose and call thee mine, love, thou art every day my Valentine!"

Thomas Hood.

Jack with Prayer Time

It’s a very similar day to yesterday but I think it is a little bit colder. We have not as yet had the forecast rain, which I am told will be another major storm. I wonder when it will all stop, it can’t keep going on like this, and it is now starting to get beyond a joke. We shouldn’t complain though. There are poor people who have really got flooded and are standing in a foot of water. It will take them months to dry out and re-build. The horses continue to thrive and are doing good canters every day.

Toptempo back from Garrowby

Azure Mist finally had her foal yesterday lunchtime. We turned her out as usual in the morning, but by 11 o’clock she was a little bit warm. We immediately got her in and a colt foal was duly delivered an hour and a half later. A big strong colt by Mount Nelson, he was soon up and sucking and like her other previous foals, he looks like developing into a very strong horse. It is amazing that we have had four foals so far this year and for once we have got more colts then fillies. Let’s hope the trend continues. 

Ready to pull out

There are a few things to comment on in the Post today. Peter Thomas must have read my piece about commentators at the Olympics and how it was hard to understand the jargon. His point here, and I keep making it, is that the young of today, that is 15-30 year olds have - one, very little money, two, you can’t force them to do anything and three, like all racing enthusiasts they are either nuts about it from an early age, their parents drag them along or they wait until they are old enough to understand and enjoy what a days racing experience can do for them. No commentator talking in a different language to the majority of the population, will encourage the younger section of society to be interested in our sport.

Akula smiling for the camera next door to Topamichi

There is a very good article by Emma Berry, trainer John’s wife, on foals being born at the sales paddocks. There has recently been one in France and one in America born immediately these mares have gone through the ring. Tattersalls, here in Newmarket, have a rule for their February sale, that no mare can be accepted if it has a covering date of before 1st April. That means there is at least 2 ½ months before the mare is due to foal. This is a very sensible rule on all fronts, especially for the mare. Let’s hope, for once, all sales company’s can bring in a rule of this nature, as although both of those foaling went without a hitch and there were suitable personnel to attend them, one complicated foaling and a disaster would soon hit the headlines. Once again giving the industry very bad publicity. It is just plain common sense to bring in this rule.