Horse welfare is paramount ...

It's a busy place up on the heath

Thursday, 27 February 2014

"Life is like riding a bicycle - in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving."

Albert Einstein.

Toptempo out at exercise

It’s a very wet morning with the wind howling across the heath, which makes it even worse. It is set to improve by mid-morning but then come back again towards evening, with snow and much colder temperatures forecast for tomorrow. Everybody is bearing up well and just getting on with the job. The heath is really busy at present, especially Bury Side, where most of the big strings are now based. It is a credit to the Jockey Club Estates, who keep the all-weather tracks in great order and give everybody an equal chance.

Crystal Pearl

Akula will now be straight after his run yesterday, where it was turned into a bit of a sprint. Once the ground dries up a bit, we will be seeing him out over hurdles. I think I will be doing similar with My Guardian Angel, who has been waiting for some better ground and I have given him an entry on the flat at Lingfield next week.


There’s an interesting article today in the Racing Post, on why Sunday racing is not more popular and that there doesn’t seem to be a proper programme for it. All the main races are crammed in on Saturdays, where tracks are competing against one another and there seems a reluctance (because one would think corporate hospitality would be down on Sunday) to change. The correspondent seems to think there should be bold deeds done here to change Sunday racing for the better, but his conclusion saying “let’s have bigger and better Sundays but also let's have some Wednesday and Fridays back” says it all. When you move top races like the Derby and the July Cup from their historical days, the whole thing goes to pot. Why change things in the first place? All it does is cause a knock on effect, mostly for the worst. My call is to reinstate the Derby, July Cup and Ebor back to their historical days. It makes sense, but then I’m not a new age planner who has other ideas.