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The mare coverings continue in earnest

Tuesday, 04 March 2014

"No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow."


Prayer Time and Refuse To Bend Ex Four Miracles

It’s a bright, very frosty morning and it was marvellous to be out on the heath at first lot with the horses. There were strings going everywhere on all four canters on Warren and Long Hill. It was very atmospheric and even Conrad Lockey said he enjoyed the morning as we were walking across the frozen ground. Everything went well and the horses are all looking healthy and developing as I would want them to at this time of year.


It was interesting to read Willie Mullins’ comments on horse security at Cheltenham, or in fact any racecourse. It looks to me as if he is quite worried about this part of the industry. He stated his father's horses were got at in the 1980’s, with a gang that were going around. The authorities knew about it but the trainers didn’t know until after the race, when their horses ran so poorly. The security at Cheltenham, and at most racecourses, has improved considerably over the last 15 years, but there is always need to reassess and make sure that any loop holes are closed. I think Willie’s comments will concentrate a few more minds on the job.


We are getting plenty of mares covered at the moment; both in Ireland and here, and it looks like January and February next year will be a busy time. Still no more foals, but the overdue one is looking bigger and the others are catching up fast. Let’s hope we have some good news for everybody soon.