Horse welfare is paramount ...

The ground will dry up if the rain stays away

Wednesday, 05 March 2014

"One moment of patience may ward off great disaster.  One moment of impatience

 may ruin a whole life."

Chinese Proverb.

Walking along one of the many horsewalks

It’s another very bright sunny morning with a frost once again, but not quite as severe as yesterday. I think the forecast is for another good day and then some rain coming in but I think the overall forecast for the next week is to be more dry than wet. Let’s hope they are correct and the ground can dry up. If it gets back to good, good to soft, it would be a tremendous help to everybody. Once again there were a lot of horses out on the heath and I was reading in today’s Racing Post that the Jockey Club are saying our horse population is up by 4% once again. This is absolutely amazing in this time of recession and I think it is mainly due to the overseas owners, who seem very resilient to the normal world.


There looked to be some good news on the horizon, with an announcement on the front of the Post, that offshore gambling operations may be liable for the levy. If we can get this legislation through parliament and pass the state aid rules, which the French did last year, it could help our industry in a massive way. If the money was used to boost prize money from the very poor levels we have got now, it would be tremendous. I will be keeping an eye on how all this develops.

Thanking the waiting traffic

I see the Racehorse Owners Associations chief executive thinks it would be pretty irresponsible to increase the number of all-weather tracks or meetings at the moment. There is a big two page article on it in the Post and anybody with any brains cannot but agree with him. The poor fields, the poor class of horse that runs in them, the very poor attendances, make this side of the business only gambling fodder for the computer punters worldwide. The only winner is the bookmaker, and although they supply some levy, we could well do without the pittance we get.