A very well deserved winner of the Longines Ladies Award ...

Star Commander is being retrained

Thursday, 06 March 2014

"Even a clock that does not work is right twice a day."

Polish Proverb.


It’s a dry morning with no overnight frost. There is very little wind so it is just a normal March day. The forecast is for a little bit of rain later today or early tomorrow and then a dry week for most of us. That should give the ground a bit of a chance to dry. It certainly needs to, as I have never known our ponds on the stud as full as they are at present. It is great for the ducks and geese, but not for the paddocks. It’s a normal cantering morning, with everything going smoothly.

Peeps (Halling ex Twelfth Night)

We have one runner today. My Guardian Angel runs at Kempton in the 5.55 and Joe Fanning takes the ride. He is not drawn very well in nine, and I think he will benefit greatly from the run. He has not run for nearly three months over hurdles, because of the very heavy ground, and in desperation I have entered him here to give him an outing. He is more than capable of being competitive in this race, if things fall right for him.

Dutch Art ex Sosumi having a pick of grass

I see that William Hill is already saying that the overseas levy proposal may break EU rules. I think that there is a long way to go, and plenty of time will pass before racing sees anything like the result it should get from this change in the law. Why people can’t see that a strong healthy racing industry is good for everybody, I don’t know.

Star Commander

John and Bridget Brenchley came to see their horses this week, both in training and on the stud. We have had plenty of frustration with one of their horses, Star Commander, who had unlimited talent but very delicate legs. After giving him bags of time, we decided he could be a very good show horse for Bridget. Consequently he came down to Becky, our farrier, to her yard just outside Newmarket and we saw him trotting round the outdoor ménage as settled as can be. It is a fallacy that racehorses cannot be retrained or that it takes so much effort to change them from a racehorse to a normal riding horse and there are plenty of charities which make too much money out of this theory. The vast majority of racehorses take to it very easily, as you can see from our ‘where are they now’ spot on the website. ‘Star’ is going to be a great ride for Bridget and further photos will be forthcoming in the near future.