In and out as quickly as possible ...

It's a chilly morning

Friday, 07 March 2014

"He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything."

  Arabic Proverb.

A busy morning for the horses

It’s much colder this morning which I think is mainly down to the wind chill factor, it is also overcast and has just started to rain as well. I hope it doesn’t last too long and we can get the promised week of dry weather. I was looking this morning at the ground forecast for the tracks I was hoping to enter a few jumpers at next week, they are all still heavy or soft and it will take at least a week for these to start to change. A visit to the Al Bahathri was on the agenda for first lot and second lot went up Long Hill. If this rain keeps up we will be in the indoor ride for the rest of the morning.


There’s an interesting article in the Racing Post today, all connected with the BHA’s ex chief medical officer, Dr Michael Turner, and his statement that he reported the Cheltenham track doctors to the General Medical Council at last years festival, after some treatment that Davy Russell got for a collapsed lung. Why it has taken this long to come out I don’t know and it will be interesting to see how this saga rolls on. The one thing I do know is that it is a must to have both proper doctors and vets on the racecourse, who understand the sport and who have got the power to stop both horses and jockeys from doing any further damage to themselves by continuing when not fit to do so.


It’s a Friday and Bill Barber, the industry editor, is commenting today on the offshore levy issue. It looks to me like we will be having review after review and appeal after appeal and there will be no quick fix coming the industry's way.

The other great article is tucked away in the greyhound section with the Delolittes review of the economic impact of the greyhound racing industry and is a must read for everybody. Some of the key points are that 37% of greyhounds are owned by the trainers, 54% of people didn’t feel confident of the sports future and that the bookmakers make a tremendous amount of profit out of the whole industry. There has got to be a lot of similarity between both horses and dogs. This looks a thorough report to me and it would be interesting if we could have one on our industry as well. I am sure people will say we keep having these reviews at great cost, but I am sure if one was done with the clarity this has been done, it would concentrate a lot of minds.