Horse welfare is paramount ...

After a very warm weekend, it feels quite chilly today

Monday, 10 March 2014

"People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do."

Lewis Cass.

Akula & My Guardian Angel on the grass gallop

Although the forecast is for a warmish day, it’s certainly not that in Newmarket at the moment. In fact it is very much on the cool side, but we have no rain and don’t look like getting any all week. We were on the grass at first lot, with the jumpers that may run later on in the week. The rest of the string will be having a quiet time as they all had their flu injection on Saturday morning. This sometimes can take a day or two to get over, as it is a live vaccine. For a short time you don’t wait to stress the horse or get them too warm.

Topaling having a pick of grass

The build up is nearly over and now, after all this rain, the big discussion is whether the clerk of the course will water at Cheltenham or not. Not that it makes any difference to me this year, with no runners, but I have always been anti-watering at any stage. Just let nature take its course and then it is fair to everybody. There are plenty of horses that like good fast ground and there are plenty that want it on the soft side. It usually averages out and if you don’t water, it is the luck of nature. The ground at Cheltenham by all accounts, is very good with plenty of grass cover, which is as it should be, and I am sure we will be getting a fantastic few days of top class racing. With Phil’s retirement, I have had a challenge for the tipping competition from the Marriott family. We will be giving our respective tips on a daily basis, starting from tomorrow.


Our mares who are due to foal, are still hanging on, with one being well over three weeks late. I thought yesterday’s sunshine would encourage her to produce last night, but she was having none of it. I am sure she can’t go much longer. Another one is now overdue as well. She usually foals bang on time, so it could be two in one night, which is always exciting. Hopefully I will be showing you some pictures of the new arrivals shortly.