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Visibility is not great today

Thursday, 13 March 2014

"A hug is a great gift - one size fits all, and it's easy to exchange."


My Guardian Angel and Akula on Warren Hill grass

There’s another very thick fog this morning with no wind whatsoever, so it will hang around until at least mid morning. The sun has been trying hard to burn it off but to no avail. We have been cantering on Warren Hill grass, which is in great condition but it has been very hard for the lads to see from marker to marker, in fact it has been very hard for me to see anything. I was going to send the box up to Garrowby to get some more horses back, but changed my mind when seeing the fog, so it will be early next week before we get them all back in.

Walking back in the fog

It was great to see the celebrations yesterday after the Champion Chase and it just goes to show what horses can do for people’s lives. It can be a life changing decision to buy a racehorse. As you know they are not cheap, either to buy or to train, but when you get days like yesterday, they are most definitely the best you will ever have, whether it be trainer, jockey, lad, owner, breeder or even bloodstock agent. These are days you will never forget. Today we have the Clash of the Titans in the World Hurdle. Both favourites owned by people who have experienced the great highs we have just talked about and prestige will be the winners accolade today, or will we see another outsider take the title. That’s what is so great about racing, the unpredictability.

Not a sight you see everyday

Our tipping competition continues again for the third day, with two of us producing the goods yesterday and having a plus day. It is starting to get exciting now and with me in front, the other two will be stating to panic and go for big odds to try and catch me up. I am very aware it only takes one 33/1 winner to win this competition. After today I might need one! Our selections are below


1.30    Wonderful Charm  2.05  Mister Dillon  2.40  Boston Bob  3.20  At Fishers

Cross  4.00 King Edmund  4.40  Fine Parchment


1.30    Oscar Whisky  2.05  Cross Kennon  2.40  Al Ferof  3.20  Zarkandar  4.00  Tap

Night  4.40  Indian Castle


1.40  Felix Yonger  2.05  Fingal Bay  2.40  Benefficient  3.20  Annie Power  4.00  Sraid Padraig  4.40  Balnaslow

Standings after second day

Rebecca minus £10

Richard plus £22.50

MHT plus £72.27