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We will be saying goodbye to Garrowby

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

"I know God will not give me anything I can't handle.  I just wish that He didn't

 trust me so much."

Mother Teresa.

Working on the Al Bahathri

It’s a bright morning but with the wind it is quite cool and you still need a big coat on. I don’t know why we think it is going to get warmer as we are still only in the middle of March. I am sure we will be getting some snow or hard frosts before the winter is really over. I have been getting on with the older horses and starting to get some faster work into them. I was amazed how quiet the Al Bahathri was first lot as we didn’t see a single horse, either on Railway Land or Lord Derby’s. I would suspect they all stayed on Warren Hill.

Comrade Bond

I see there were a few complaints about the owners’ and trainers’ facilities at this years Cheltenham Festival. I didn’t go this year so I cannot comment on what has been said, but reading the article, Ian Renton the Chief Executive, acknowledged that the facilities didn’t live up to what was usually provided. He stated that “in the new development, the new owners’ and trainers’ bar in the new grandstand would be an enhancement on what they have now.” I hope there is access from this facility for viewing the racecourse as usually such facilities are stuck at the back with no actual viewing of the course. Ian Renton will be fully aware of what owners' and trainers' require and I hope he comes up with the goods.

View down the walking ground by the town canter

There is a great article today on Sea Pigeon, who was one of my great heroes trained by another hero, Peter Easterby. It is compulsive reading. He was a fantastic dual purpose horse, and along with Night Nurse, they were the stars of the Easterby yard in the late 70’s, early 80’s. It will be very hard to come up with a comparable horse nowadays. I suppose Overturn was the nearest we have had in recent times.

Lord Derby's Gate

We have decided to consolidate our stud business in Newmarket from the end of the year and we will be winding down Garrowby stud during the season. It has been a great eight or so years having the use and enjoyment of such a famous stud. All the staff up there has done a tremendous job and I can’t thank them enough.