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We both made a profit out of Aintree

Monday, 07 April 2014

"After all is said and done, a lot more will have been said than done."


Comrade Bond leading the canter

It’s an overcast morning with a good hour and a half of rain from about 6.30 onwards, which will have done the grass no end of good. We had a normal cantering morning made even better by Clare and my granddaughter Mimi, meeting us on the heath to watch the horses canter. It’s my birthday today so they are down to have a birthday breakfast and lunch. It is great to introduce youngsters to the joys of Newmarket heath, even if it was a wet old morning but waterproofs and wellies were to the fore.

Mount Nelson ex Azure Mist foal

As usual the National produced plenty of stories, not only for the trainer, owner and jockey of the winner, but once again for the debacle of a start and the mess of the steward’s enquiry afterwards. I don’t know what went on, but the jockeys were obviously not happy and why this should keep happening is completely beyond me. It is not rocket science starting a race and should be so easy. I am sure we never had this problem in the past and why we are getting it now, is just plain stupid. We need people in authority who know what they are doing; it is as simple as that. If a jockey breaks the rules, ban him for a long time, he won’t do it again. If a horse won’t start, tough luck let the others go. Why one horse that has refused in the past, gets special treatment, is another thing that is beyond me. We keep shooting this industry in the foot.

    09_Battery_Power__Foal    78_Richard__Mares__foals
                    Battery Power and foal                      Richard surrounded by mares and foals

Our tipping competition went right to the last day. I think it was one of the best yet and I just narrowly held on. It was more down to a lucky 25-1 winner by the challenger that made it so close, but to be + £134.44 and + £130 is a brilliant result for both of us. Anybody backing our tips blind, would have had a good week. To have a tenner win on every race at the event and come out in front was, I think, a fantastic effort. Well done Richard but still not good enough. You will have to try harder if you want to beat the Guv’nor, or as I am now known, His Lordship.