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Another sunny morning

Thursday, 22 July 2010



Brushing (Nicki)

''Don't waste your time striving for perfection, instead strive for excellence: doing your best''

 - Sir Laurence Olivier


Locum (Zezhavz)

Another sunny morning and during first lot, it was quite nice with clear air but, as the morning has gone on, it has got once again very muggy and, on looking at Sky News weather, they are forecasting thundery showers. We have seen several green men in Newmarket recently and I have offered to do something stupid if it ever rains again!


Astromoon (Wajid)

I was very pleased with the runner last night (Prince Freddie), who has improved a lot for his first run and was just starting to get into it when he was hampered. We have taken Lady Chloe out of the race tonight at Doncaster, as the ground will be very fast and we will wait until we get more suitable going.


Dazinski (Steve)

I am delighted to see that Jockey Club racecourses are keeping their investment in prize money at the level it was published at, despite the shortfall they will be receiving from the Levy. This is very much appreciated by all the trainers - I only wish that Arena and Northern groups would do the same.


Dulcie going for a swim with Darren and David


Caroline scrapes off the excess water off Dulcie