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Deliveries never arrive when they are scheduled to

Tuesday, 06 May 2014

"From the errors of others, a wise man corrects his own."


Astrovirtue leading Blue Bounty

It is quite a wet morning with bands of rain coming across from the west. Some have been very heavy and prolonged and the sky still looks full of a few more to come. All the horses have been out and had good canters - what I call Yorkshire canters - on Bury Side. So far so good with the horses and all has gone well.

Astrodiamond leading Nancy

It has been one of those mornings otherwise though. I can never understand why when you ask deliveries to arrive p.m. they always arrive a.m. which is precisely what happened this morning. Our local builders merchant, who had been told to deliver sand, cement and blocks after midday, proceeded to arrive at 8.15 this morning. As you can imagine it was chaos but once organised we managed to get sorted. It is one of my bugbears that delivery times are always wrong. I am sure people will know what I mean. We also had the steam cleaner go wrong on us just when it was needed most. Some frantic phone calls have managed to get the parts delivered hopefully to put it right.

       05_Aussie_Rules_ex_Nice_Time_14     15_Authorized_ex_Missoula_14
            Colt by Aussie Rules ex Nice Time                      Colt by Authorized ex Missoula

It was Julian Wilson’s funeral yesterday which was very well attended. He was a marvellous man and I am sure he will be sitting up there extremely pleased with how perfectly it all went, and delighted that so many nice things were said about him. He will be very sadly missed by many people.