Horse welfare is paramount ...

There's racing at Chester today

Wednesday, 07 May 2014

"You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving."


My Guardian Angel and Swilken

It’s much windier this morning, which means it is cooler in the middle of the heath. I thought it was warm in the yard, where we are sheltered, and went out without a coat, but soon found it was a mistake and it was back on again next lot. A general cantering morning and all has gone smoothly, very different from Monday.

A happy team

There is an International Horseracing Authority meeting going on at present over in Hong Kong, with all the racing nations of the world represented. There are plenty of speakers and topics to mull over ranging from prohibited substances, to the pattern of betting taxes. I am sure there will be a few more come out in the wash. Everybody has an opinion and these meetings sometimes throw up good ideas, but they also set the way forward for the future. There must be a lot of careful thought given to how new initiatives will be put into place, but it would be great for once if everybody could agree on one point or another. That’s the problem with having meetings, everybody has a different opinion and usually you don’t get anywhere.

Having a nice pick of grass

It is the first day of the Chester May meeting, which is always a fantastic meeting to attend and it is a shame I haven’t got anything to take part this year. I was hoping to run Topamichi, who is a course winner there, but he whacked his joint in his last piece of work and will have to have few days on the easy list. I say it every year, but everybody must go to Chester once and experience the unique atmosphere it has.