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The news is enough to make you grumble

Friday, 09 May 2014

"There are no facts, only interpretations."

Friedrich Nietzsche.

Cantering on the grass

It’s a very breezy morning, with the cloud flying across the sky. As yet we have had no rain but I am sure some will hit us during the day. We had plenty yesterday, which made the ground across the flat this morning, absolutely perfect. It was unbelievable that I had the whole heath across the flat, in front of the racecourse, to myself first lot. Second lot went to the Al Bahathri and third lot will be staying on Warren Hill. I was very pleased with everything and will be getting a few more horses out in the not too distant future.

Crystal Pearl and Topaling

It’s Friday so I can have a moan about a few things, and the first thing to mention is the 39 jockeys who are on collision course with the BHA, over the Grand National start. It looks to me from the outside, a complete storm in a tea cup, and I can’t see the point that the BHA are trying to prove. It has taken forever to bring it to this point which just goes to show the weakness of the BHA and its officers. This was a complete non event and should never have been held in the first place. Common sense should have prevailed and the BHA wants to sort their process out quickly.

Prayer Time and Hold Firm

I am afraid the BHA is getting it in the neck once again, but at the Asian conference it looks to me that the Chief Executive was singing the praises of Betfair and even Betfairs Chief Executive was allowed to speak, when in previous years, quite rightly, there have been hostile associations towards betting exchanges. I said years ago it is on a cheat’s charter when you can bet to lose and I stick by it. We are getting overrun in all sport now, with people trying to make a quick buck, rather than win it openly and fairly. I am afraid that unless somebody can stand up and be counted, and I thought it might be our racing authority, but no we are the ones pushing them forward; all sports will become more and more corrupted.

Peeps and Lexi Grady Alice

There was a good comment today by Peter Thomas, on the fighting that broke out at Newmarket at the Guineas meeting. This evidently occurred in the betting ring after the last, between two bunches of lads. Once again, the Chief Executive of Newmarket said “overall I couldn’t be happier”, but why would you be happy when you have had an incident which will put many people off going racing again. We must stamp out this sort of behaviour on track and punish the culprits, rather than just brush it under the carpet. Blimey, I am beginning to sound like the late Julian Wilson. But if any of you read his articles, you will see that most of them have, or are coming true, mores the pity.