Sylvestre de Sousa is doing so well ...

A healthy horse makes a trainer

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

"If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older."

Tom Stoppard.

Toptempo and  Nancy

It’s a dry morning after plenty of rain here yesterday. It started at lunch time and continued most of the afternoon. The ground on the course will be good and it was absolutely perfect ground when we galloped across the flat at first lot. Second lot went up the turf on Warren Hill and that was equally as good. We got a few more colts back in from Garrowby last week and they are all settling back into the routine. Big and scopy, they all look to have futures. I will be getting the fillies at the end of the month when they have had the May spring grass inside them. I think it does them the power of good to have time out to develop and unwind.

My Guardian Angel and Swilken

It was interesting to read that Aidan O’Brien had had a bout of coughing in the yard early in the year and was struggling to get his horses healthy. It happens to everybody from time to time and the old saying ‘healthy horses make a trainer’ is right. You can do everything with horses, give them everything you can, but if they are not healthy they will not win races. There is so much written about this trainer is brilliant and that trainer is brilliant, but healthy, happy horses is the answer to everything.

Looking down the gallops

I see the Ludlow authorities are reimbursing the owners for their void race, which is a very good thing. My comments yesterday on the whole debacle hopefully will be taken onboard and I see the BHA is having an investigation into exactly what happened. It looks like the flagman said he couldn’t see the starter for the horses coming towards him, so maybe an electric buzzer in his pocket connected to the starter would help. It may not cost too much money either.

The stands at Newmarket racecourse

I see the Jack Berry House in Malton is coming out of the ground and our own Astley Club is nearer completion. With the new gym and physiotherapy unit, plus much more office space and room for both NAAS and the Racing Welfare to have a base there, it will be a one stop point for anybody who needs to know anything about welfare and staff issues. It is very central in Newmarket and I think we are having a grand opening of it in the not too distant future.