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Warwick abandoned after two races

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."

e.e. cummings.

 Astrocat (Sinead)

It’s a little bit cooler this morning and although no rain is due for today the forecast is for thunderstorms tonight and a very mixed day tomorrow. We could do with a drop of rain as the courses are getting firm but as usual they are still calling it good to firm. The clerk’s of the courses love good in the going descriptions even when you can’t get a stick in a quarter of an inch. It has been a quiet morning with the majority of the horses having a healthy exercise and a pick of grass.

Astrodiamond (Glenn)

I see Warwick was abandoned after two races last night as unfortunately a horse had to be put down after falling on the bend. I don’t know why they can’t get this bend right and it is only in the last few years it has become a problem. I see Jim Crowley the jockey who won both races was critical of the course for not getting the camber sorted out. He states that they mow the grass too short and then with rain on top it is a recipe for disaster. How long have I been banging on about the length of grass on courses? It seems to be an obsession with clerk’s of the courses or their grounds men to cut the grass as short as on the centre court at Wimbledon. Why this obsession I don’t know. They tell me 4 inches is the recommended length but, believe me, on the majority of tracks it certainly is not. Warwick is a Jockey Club racecourse and should not be having these accidents. Let’s hope all concerned can get it sorted out quickly.

 Crystal Pearl (Darren) and Topaling (Emilie)

Yesterday afternoon I had a good walk round on the stud at Dullingham. The foals improve weekly and they look a great bunch. We are full of new life, along with the foals we have ducks and geese with chicks and unfortunately, there are plenty of young rabbits. I don’t know if anybody else has noticed but there seems to be a lot of bird life about, more than we have had for the last couple of years, which is always great to see. We have a wide variety of birds on the stud with several types of owl plus woodpeckers and tree creepers. The one bird I haven’t heard this year is a cuckoo which I always love to hear. Has anybody heard one?