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The rain is very welcome

Thursday, 22 May 2014

"Seek truth and you will find a path."

Frank Slaughter.

 Swilken (Sam)

We had some rain overnight, I don’t think an awful lot, but some is better than nothing. It sounds as if they nearly had an inch at Yarmouth, which has pleased me as we have a couple of runners there tomorrow, both of which would be better on good or softer ground. A good canter round Side Hill at first lot and Warren Hill second lot. All has gone OK so far.

 Astrovirtue (Joe)

I see the BHA are going to investigate the Warwick abandonment and take a new look at the bend. Something definitely needs doing to make the camber better, but it may mean the closure of the flat course until it is sorted out. I see the experts dismiss claims that the grass being cut short was the problem. They say that cutting grass shorter, spiking it and sanding it was the correct procedure rather than leaving the grass long, well if that is so I am a Dutchman. We must have people who understand grass and what horsemen want, not people with very little understanding of the industry, telling us what we should be doing. Let’s hope, as I said yesterday, that we get this sorted out quickly as Warwick is a fun course and one we cannot afford to have close on us.

 Blue Bounty (Emilie)

I see Mark Of Esteem had to be put down this week, he was 21. I would like to point out that he didn’t beat Even Top by a head in the 2000 Guineas, he beat him by the shortest of short heads and the photo took forever to be called. Just thought I would put the record straight on that one! He was a good horse though and was not a bad sire either.

Hold Firm (Emilie) and Prayer Time (Glenn)

We have now got a Lord Mayor and a Deputy in Newmarket, both representing the racing industry. Rachel Hood, John Gosdens’ wife, and John Berry, the trainer, were elected this week and have straight away called for the Hatchfield Farm scheme to be withdrawn. We certainly need housing for stable staff and for the younger generation in Newmarket, and we need affordable housing so they can get on the ladder, but the massive scheme that Hatchfield Farm was, would be to Newmarket’s detriment. It doesn’t take lots of brain power to work it out, but where there is massive money to be made there will always be somebody trying to make it. Let’s hope common sense prevails and we can grow Newmarket in the way it should be grown.

Toptempo smiling for the camera

I have had several calls about hearing the cuckoo, which I am delighted about, but as yet I have not heard one myself, especially at Dullingham. I will listen out keenly and let you know when I do.

     Qilin_2     Qilin__Fortune
                       Qilin and Sharon                                                Fortunes Maid and Qilin

Angie and I are delighted that Qilin has found such a good home with Sharon, who has been an owner of ours for many years. She has had Fortunes Maid for some time and now in Qilin, she has got a pal. Such a kind mare, her last foal is in training with me this year as a two-year-old; I am delighted with him and am sure he will do well in the coming seasons.