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Overcast but warm

Monday, 02 June 2014

"Love is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood in its


Mark Overby.

Crystal Pearl (Tom) and Astrocat (Sinead)

It’s an overcast morning but certainly not cold. As I walked across Warren Hill there were a few spits and spats of rain, but the forecast is not for it to reach here until late afternoon. I think a mixture of sunshine and showers is the forecast for all week. A good exercise morning so far, with the horses all moving well and no real traffic jams on the heath. In fact it was relatively quiet.

Nancy (Sam)

The whole of racing is devastated by the very sad news of the death of John Hills. He was only 53 and had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this year. He was a complete gentleman, always did his best for everybody and his owners and staff were very loyal, which says everything. There is a great article on him today with the headlines ‘you would never find a nicer guy’, which is completely true. Our condolences go out to Fiona and the girls. He will be very sadly missed.

Legal Art

It is the countdown to the Oaks and Derby this week, with the two day meeting on Friday and Saturday. It is a shame this meeting is not three days, but the powers that be have seen fit to run it this way. Our premier classic is now not heralded as it should be. I say it every year and I will say it again, the Melbourne Cup, a handicap over 2 miles, is the centre point of a fantastic whole week of racing in Melbourne. It completely stops the country, as well as New Zealand, and everybody, and I mean everybody, has a holiday and a bet on the race. Why we have let our dual decline in the way it has done is beyond me, but I think it is beyond the people who market it as well. There will be a big crowd there on Saturday, which will be at least three quarters more than on the Friday, but how many people will watch it on Channel 4. Although they try they have not got it right yet. I think the personnel are the problem and the BBC did it so much better. Terrestrial TV is what is needed to keep the profile as it should be.