Horse welfare is paramount ...

It's the Oaks today and the Derby tomorrow

Friday, 06 June 2014

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."

Lao Tzu.

Blue Bounty (Joe) Hold Firm (Emilie) and Prayer Time (Glenn)

It’s a very warm morning, in fact shirt sleeve weather. It is forecast for very heavy showers tomorrow and over the weekend, so make the most of today. We have been out across the racecourse side and worked a few on the grass across the flat. All went well, although we did have a loose one, which proceeded to go flat out towards the town, but luckily decided not to face the white railings. We were able to catch it with no harm done. All  that even after it had galloped. Either we are feeding it too much, not giving it enough work, or the lad was dozing. It might be a combination of all three.

Crystal Pearl (Joe) and Astrocat (Emilie)

It is the start of the Epsom two day festival today, with the Oaks being the highlight. It looks a very competitive race, with any one of the 17 having a chance. It is hard to narrow it down, but I am going to go for the two Hamdan runners, Taghrooda and Tarfasha as my two fillies against the field, but as I say, anything could win this. It might be a rough race, especially when they are under pressure and hanging down the camber. Tomorrows Derby depends on the weather but Australia looks a worthy favourite and should win if it is not a quagmire. I would expect Fascinating Rock and True Story to not be far away. It is amazing how quickly these classics come up on us and we will only have the Leger to look forward to, classic wise, after this weekend. 

My Guardian Angel leading Astrovalour, Humphry Repton and Astromajor

It was an interesting day yesterday with our runners, with Nancy depositing her jockey before the start and as I thought, not having a clue in the race, but I wasn’t disappointed with how she ran and she will definitely improve for it. I will be having a full check over of Astrovirtue, who ran just too bad to be true and I am sure something will come to light.

Topaling (Emilie)

I have just written the Foreword for the Newmarket Trainers Federation year book. In it I have called for the BHA to have an annual meeting in Newmarket, with the trainers, studs and anybody else interested, to outline their future plans, as we in the industry have no idea what they are. If you read Bill Barbers piece today in the post, you will be even more baffled. If you understand all the highfalutin political gobbledygook speak, you are a better man than me. We have no idea where we are going. I hope somebody does actually have an idea and if they do, they ought to tell us. Why hide things, or do deals behind closed doors. We are the front of the industry and have to sell the sport to both British and overseas owners. We need to know where our sport is going and we need it in plain English.