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Channel 4 racing needs a rethink

Monday, 09 June 2014

"Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get."

Dale Carnegie.

Hold Firm (Emilie) and Prayer Time (Glenn)

It’s a very muggy, close morning, which is not very nice to work in. We have got all the windows and door open in the hut, trying to create a draft. It doesn’t look like rain through but we do need a thunder storm to clear the air. We have been using the Mactrac on Warren Hill this morning and then walking back down the grass track. All has gone well so far.

Walking down the grass

I don’t think I did too bad pointing you in the direction of the Classics, picking both the winner and second in the Oaks and winner in the Derby. I think we saw two very high class horses in each race. I watched the Oaks winner canter up the hill this morning with John Gosden. He was telling me he had always liked her, and although he had never seen her do at home what she did on the track, she had a good temperament and was the ideal racehorse.

It will be interesting to see which way they go with Australia, as there was plenty of talk of coming back in trip and it may be that they go down the 1m 2f route. However, if the ground firms up, he should remain unbeatable if in the right physical condition. Every year we seem to think we have seen great horses, what with Frankel and the like, but I think in these two we have got two outstanding racehorses once again.


A most depressing reading in the post today, at the amount of people who actually watched the race on Channel 4. It just keeps decreasing and our leaders who sold the TV rights to Channel 4 exclusively, have something to answer for. They may have got plenty of money for it but I am sure it hasn’t cost Channel 4 anything, what with the advertising revenue, which we see nothing of. It would have been much better to have left it with the BBC. How the Channel 4 editor can compare it with the Canadian Grand Prix practice session, says absolutely everything. I am afraid the presenting of the whole Channel 4 racing has gone very bland since the change over, with very few of the presenters having any genuine opinion and the programme has become very boring. We are the second biggest spectator sport behind football, and if you watch the pundits on those programmes, there is always a lively debate and plenty to stir the pot. What we get with racing is bland, plain comments. It needs a big rethink, and quickly. I would immediately revert to the Wednesday once again, which would not compete with anybody. It doesn’t make any difference in Australia on a Tuesday, why should it make a difference here. You try and tell an Australian to move the Melbourne Cup to a Saturday and they would laugh at you. We need people with vision running our sport and with passion for the horses, not marketing people who are here today and gone tomorrow.