A very well deserved winner of the Longines Ladies Award ...

We have a non-runner at Salisbury today

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

"When you aim for perfection, you discover it's a moving target."

George Fisher.

Crystal Pearl (Darren) Nancy (Tom) and Peeps (Sophie)

It’s a bright sunny morning once again after a good sharp shower last night, and I think this is the way it is going to be for the rest of the week. With Royal Ascot not far away, in fact next week, this rain would have helped, but I read in the paper this morning that the Clerk of the Course is thinking about watering already. Oh how they love watering. They can’t take any notice of anybody if they continue on in this vain. 

All our horses have done a couple of good canters this morning and we have not had any problems, thank goodness. I will be making a quick dash up to Garrowby later on, as we are in the final throes of moving. It is amazing how much stuff you collect over the years.

Astrocat (Sinead)

Blue Bounty will not be running today at Salisbury, although he did move across from Goodwood yesterday morning, when the official ground at 9 o’clock was good, good to soft in places. Unbelievably by lunchtime, 1 o’clock, it had changed to good, good to firm in places. If we had known that in the morning we would have come straight home instead of having a detour and a night away in Salisbury. All this does is cost money and infuriate trainers.

Swilken (Sam)

I see Great Leighs are building a new grandstand in the same place as the old one, which is in the middle of the course, so you only get a view of the straight. Great Leighs is a very popular track with the Newmarket trainers, but why the BHA let them go ahead once again with the grandstand sited where it is, is completely beyond me. You are just as well having a tent on the far side of the course, which would hold the same number of people that will attend.

Humphry Repton 

I see there are plenty of articles on the poor TV figures for the Derby once again. They are saying that Ascot is a crucial time, but the people who did actually sell the rights away, have got something to answer for, and let’s hope it’s not too late to get back on the BBC. There was also a good article on the promotion of the Derby on page six of the Post, which is well worth reading. We have just got to try and get back the people looking forward for the best race in the world.