It's Champions weekend ...

Come on boys, you can do it

Friday, 13 June 2014

"It is more easy to be wise for others than for ourselves."

François Duc de La Rochefoucauld.

Nancy (Tom)

It’s another completely blue sky morning with not a cloud to be seen. I have just heard the forecast on the radio and it tells me it is going to be up to 80 degrees in London and the south east, but getting cooler from tomorrow. The horses look absolute pictures in this weather and they are all moving well. We have been using Side Hill and Bury Hill today, plus the town sand. The Jockey Club are doing a bit of re-designing of the walkways on the bottom of Long Hill and Warren Hill, which should help the movement of horses in that area as it can get congested. It does need doing and has done for quite a while. This project is a start but the whole area needs a complete overhaul and I think that will be one of the main points on our heath meeting agenda in the autumn.

Walking home on the Town Sand

For those of you that have got time on your hands and want to be completely baffled by what the BHA are proposing, or asking, go and have a look at their survey, which anybody can answer, on the BHA administration site. I will give you the directions on how to find it as they are not very clear. Start in Google with, go to Resource Centre, and scroll down to the bottom, where you will find the last item is the survey. Now take a deep breath, have a large whisky and read on. You will be completely baffled and give up by halfway through. Bill Barber, the industry editor, says it contains a lot of useful information, and I think it does, but it could all be told in one page, not 69 as there is in this document. I am sure it has been done to put people off completing it.

In another article today the Jockey Club chief calls for a merit-based policy for the allocation of fixtures. I think it means, if you put enough money back into the sport and all the profits go back into the sport, ie, the Jockey Club and a few independent racecourses, you should be allocated the fixtures rather than them going to the courses that do nothing but take money out of the sport. He has got a sound point here.

Now back to the survey, we need better prize money, paying down to sixth place with a minimum of £500 for sixth, less dross racing and less fixtures being close to one another. This would encourage owners back in droves. All the rest is just gobbledegook.

There is a great letter from Sam Morshead, General Manager of Perth Racecourse; in fact there are a few good letters today. Sam is stating you should give the money to the racecourses to promote racing, not let some London based group who know very little about our industry, waste the money on items that will never promote our sport to the general public.

The heathmen with the water bowser

Get the beers and pork pie ready for the weekend, as the first England match is tomorrow night. I think kick off is about 10 o’clock and let’s hope we can start with a win and get through the group. I have a feeling we may do quite well this time, if we can steer clear of injuries and get some luck. I would like to see the ball bouncing back off the post and bar when the opposition shoot, rather than be deflected in. It’s about time England had some luck and with this newer look team, we may have the energy and drive to get some.