In and out as quickly as possible ...

Day 1

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

"Nature never did betray the heart that loved her."

William Wordsworth. 

Topamichi (Joe)

It’s a slightly overcast morning, but as it has gone on the sun has started to poke through and now it’s a perfect summer day. Just right for the start of Royal Ascot. First lot all did some work on the Al Bahathri and apart from one blip, all went according to plan. Second and third lot have been cantering on Bury Side. They are still tinkering with the walking grounds and the drainage system at present, so there are plenty of hoardings and tape keeping everybody away from danger.

Swilken (Emilie) and My Guardian Angel (Sam)

It is the first day of Royal Ascot today, with a fantastic day of racing.  I have been challenged once again, he must be a glutton for punishment, by Richard Marriott. Our tips are below, all to a £10 win stake. It’s a long week and five days of racing will take it toll.


2.30  Toronado  3.05  Cappella Sansevero  3.45  Steps  4.25  Kingman  5.00  Lieutenant Miller  5.35   Hootenanny


2.30  Verrazano  3.05  Portamento  3.45  Sole Power  4.25  Night Of Thunder  5.00  Asbaab  5.35  Fuwairt

Riding down to the Al Bahathri

I thought the Tote money was supposed to just go to good causes in the racing industry, but I read that they are going to possibly give grants to timings at racecourses. I think this is completely out of order as the racecourses, or the company’s that run these timing machines, should pay for themselves and not have handouts. There are plenty of good causes, and will be for the foreseeable future in the industry and I don’t think this money should be given away lightly; it is just as bad as the government giving overseas aid to countries that have a space programme.