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Day 3, Ladies Day

Thursday, 19 June 2014

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins."

Benjamin Franklin.

Humphry Repton (Emilie), Astrovalour (Glenn) and Astromajor (Tom)

It’s overcast at the moment and a little bit cooler, which is certainly helping as I have been overheating all morning. Two loose ones have not helped the blood pressure. I am now having a cup of tea, a piece of toast, and doing some deep breathing. No harm done to either horse though and it shows that they are in very good heart. A simple canter around Side Hill was the exercise, and most of them managed to do it. I think the weather is set to stay like this for a few days more and the times yesterday at Ascot certainly show the ground was very fast.

Topaling (Sophie)

The second day of Royal Ascot went off with some brilliant racing once again. The only disappointment was that Treve was beaten, but we didn’t think she moved to post very well and I should think the firm ground would have been against her. It may be that something else will come to light, like a muscle twinge or similar. The highlight of today’s card is the Gold Cup, with the Royal runner trying to follow up on last year’s victory. A big field today and another good finish looks likely.

Our tipping competition continues and with the tables turned, although not with winners, there is everything still to play for. Our selections for today are below.

Richard (-£39.73 after the second day)

2.30  To Be Determined  3.05  Cannock Chase  3.45  Criteria  4.25  Estimate  5.00  Chataz  5.35  Alex My Boy

MHT (-£27.50 after the second day)

2.30 The Great War  3.05  Barley Mow  3.45  Vazira  4.25  Leading Light  5.00 Table Rock  5.35  Windshear 

My Guardian Angel (Tom)

As I mentioned earlier in the year, the point of consumption tax is always going to be a problem with the major bookmakers. A legal 'letter before action' has turned up at the governments department yesterday. This tax is a must if we are to get a proper return for the industry, but it could take years in legal wrangling before anything is put in the statute books. Why the bookmakers can’t see the bigger picture I don’t know. It is all about pure profit and once again our leaders have fallen into their trap. We gave them the expansion of the fixture list, and racing around the clock, and what do they do? They go straight off shore and don’t pay the tax. This will run and run and we will all be dead before anybody with any sense can see it is doing nobody any good. If only we could all work together, our industry could be massive. However, the way we are going with the viewing figures,  down once again at Ascot, it will finish up like show jumping.