Horse welfare is paramount ...

Day 4 of Ascot

Friday, 20 June 2014

"When something is missing in your life, it usually turns out to be someone."

Robert Brault.

Swilken (Emilie) and My Guardian Angel (Tom)

It’s an overcast morning and much cooler, including me, who has definitely cooled down from yesterday morning. I have just been talking to James Fanshawe, who was putting horses through the stalls, and he was having a morning like I did yesterday. It’s a great life being a trainer. We have had the horses out on Warren Hill, Long Hill and Bury Hill, all on the polytrack, and things have gone off without a hitch.

Crystal Pearl (Sinead) and Topaling (Sophie)

I am very sorry not to have mentioned our runner yesterday, which must have been the first time ever I have not commented on one of our runners. It was such a mad morning we were having and just when I was about to talk about it, somebody arrived to distract me. It was going to be quite a funny one, as when I booked Mickael Barzalona for Nancy last time, it was announced he was leaving for France, after loosing the Godolphin job, and as soon as I booked Harry Bentley, he is overlooked for the rides on the Qatari horses he is retained for. I hope Nancy is not going to have jockeys who won’t want to ride her in fear of losing their job! Anyway I would have told you what would have happened, that she would beat one, which is what she did. At least Harry got her into a better position this time. It looks like we will have to get her handicapped and find a small race, unless she improves dramatically. She is still very green, but the one good thing about yesterday is that she was much better behaved, especially beforehand and going down to the start.

Blue Bounty leading the way home

What another fantastic day at Ascot and a memorable finish to the Gold Cup. It was a great piece of race riding by Joseph O’Brien, who is wise beyond his years. He certainly is similar to a young Lester Piggot, and if his weight stays ok, he will be the jockey of our age. The Queen's horse ran an unbelievable race for its first run of the year, and must have given her majesty a big thrill once again.

Our tipping didn’t go too well yesterday, but considering we are three days in and not too much in the red, we still have a chance of getting in the black over the next two days. We will be putting a small site up tomorrow with our choices. Today’s are below

Richard (-£72.23 after third day)

2.30  Sunset Glow  3.05  Wigmore Hall  3.45  Miner’s Lamp  4.25  My Titania  5.00 Hartnell  5.35  Horsted Keynes

MHT (-£68.41 after third day)

2.30    Bitter Lake  3.05  Café Society  3.45  Snow Sky  4.25  Lesstalk In Paris  5.00

Century  5.35  Blessington

On Long Hill, looking over the town with the racecourse stands in the distance

It is great to see JT McNamara going home to Ireland. It has been 15 months since he had his terrible fall at Cheltenham, and it puts into perspective everything else that is happening. Ruby Walsh was very correct in his statement when he said, it is only a horse race and things can happen to horses. When it happens to people it is a different proposition altogether. We wish JT all the best and I am sure he will be pleased to be back in his native Ireland.