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It looks to be a busy week

Monday, 07 July 2014

"You don't take a photograph, you make it."

Ansel Adams.

My Guardian Angel (Tom) leading Humphry Repton (Emilie) and Prayer Time (Glenn)

It was a clear blue sky at 4.30 this morning, but as we write this at around 10 o’clock, there are plenty of clouds and the forecast is for the occasional shower later on. It is a perfect temperature though, which will suit the Tour de France riders, as they set off from Cambridge at lunch time and wind their way around the roads via Cambridgeshire and Essex, to finish on The Mall this afternoon in London. The crowds that have been to see them in Yorkshire have been unbelievable and the organisation looks to be second to none. It just goes to show how many people follow a sport and what they will do to actually see it. Because the tour might not ever come to Yorkshire again, the crowds have been as big as they are; just think about this with racing. If you have a choice of five or six meetings everyday you get blasé, but if it was only once a year you would make the effort. I think our industry has something to learn from the tour.

Making their way back home

We have had a good cantering morning with all the horses. It looks like we will be having quite a few runners this week, certainly tomorrow and Wednesday and if it rains, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday are all possibilities. We have had a very quiet year so far. It is mainly because we have had a bit of bad luck with the horses, injury wise, and the majority of our two-year-olds are big scopy backward types, who we won’t see the best of until next year.

Peeps (Heather) leading Bracken Brae (Sinead) and Smile That Smile (Sophie)

I see the BHA is looking outside of racing for their board members. The four who are retiring have all come from within the industry and understood it well. On reading the article in the Racing Post, I still haven’t understood what they are trying to achieve by this. I just hope we are not going to be run by more people who don’t have any idea about the horses, but we will have to wait and see and keep an open mind.

Walking home in the sunshine

See The Stars was one of my all time favourite horses and was trained brilliantly by John Oxx in Ireland. He is fast becoming a top stallion and his German Derby winner at the weekend was very impressive. He is not cheap though at €80,000, which may go up after this year, but he is looking like a stallion that will go to the very top. I would love to get my hands on a few of his offspring.