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Not everything went quite to plan

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

"We need not destroy the past. It is gone."

John Cage.

Swilken (John) and Topamichi (Joe)

It’s an overcast morning for a start, but the sun has gradually won the argument and the temperature is quickly rising. We have had a mixed morning, with first lot going across the racecourse side to gallop. Unfortunately we had a loose one, which proceeded to set off towards Newmarket at a great rate of knots. Thankfully a heathman and Gill Duffield headed it off and we managed to catch it without any damage done, only to my state of mind, which didn’t get any better. The work went nearly as planned but I am sure everybody will have gleaned some experience from the lot. Second lot were cantering on the town sand on Bury Hill, and that went off reasonably well, apart from one backward one which is starting to get the idea but just needs a bit more experience. Third lot will be cantering on Warren Hill or staying in the indoor ride.

Over on racecourse side

Blue Bounty ran a sound race last night but I think the draw was the deciding factor. We had to use him up a bit early and he hit the front plenty soon enough. I think he wants to get there a bit later, as Joe Fanning indicated, but he is a multiple winner waiting to happen. It gives me quite a bit of hope as some of the youngsters have been working with him and going nicely. We had a good turnout of syndicate members last night, who all looked very smart and I hope they enjoyed the night at a very well run racecourse. The only problem was on the return journey, where there was a crash on the A1 and I had to make a detour through lots of little Nottinghamshire villages.

The string walking home

Once again we had a situation with different rules in Ireland at the weekend, when the Luca Cumani filly had to be re-shod because she was wearing shoes that didn’t adhere to the Irish Racing Turf Club rules. Each racing country has their own rules, which seems crackers, as any other sport you compete in around the world have the same rules. Why we can’t have a universal rule worldwide is beyond me and it is about time we did. The BHA should lead from the front in this matter. At all these conferences they have worldwide this should be number one on the agenda.


There is a good article by Colin Russell in the Racing Post today, on the fixtures list. He comes up with one or two very good points, but basically the fixture list is now boring, as there is very little variety in the race conditions and the majority of races are very similarly framed. It doesn’t take much to come up with some ingenuity, and it would certainly make for much better planning by the trainers if we could have some interesting conditions, rather than the mediocre ones we have now. However, it takes clerk of the courses and the BHA to have some brains and knowledge of racing, rather than what they read in books.