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Congratulations to the horticulturists

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

"Saying thank you is more than good manners. It is good spirituality."

Alfred Painter.

It’s a slightly cooler morning with a bit of cloud floating across keeping the sun quiet, but I expect it will soon be burning the cloud off and we will be having another very warm day. A mixed morning work wise with first lot going over to the racecourse side to gallop across the flat and second lot doing a couple of canters followed by a good canter on the Limekilns grass. Third lot is a mixture of backward two year olds and horses returning from a lay off which means they will be going in a variety of directions.

L-R Topaling (Emilie) Astrocat (Sinead) and Crystal Pearl (Abbie)

It is the first day of Glorious Goodwood with five days of brilliant racing to look forward to. Goodwood is one of the most attractive racecourses in the country, very well run, with a good grounds man who leaves the grass a good length. I am disappointed I haven’t got a runner there this year. If you get a chance try to have at least a couple of days down there and experience the whole atmosphere. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

27_ToparaliToparali (Emilie)

I am pleased to say Steve Avery is back at work today. He will have to take it quite steady for a while, until everything settles down, but it is great to have him back. Steve will be doing all the travelling to the races in the near future as the couple of new travelling people we have tried in the past couple of months have not fitted into the mould we like. So it is family to the fore which is usually the best way.

Darren, working hard

I have got to mention a couple of news items which are associated with Exeter Ride involving horticultural shows which seem to be coming very popular these days. Both Richard Marriott, an owner, and Carol Clay, our housekeeper, have been entering their local shows with a variety of vegetables and flowers and I am delighted to say they have both been coming away with red rosettes and trophies. Carol won best in show for her orchid which included a big silver cup, and Richard has won two shields for best newcomer in the vegetable department. Mind you I did see a photograph of his winning carrots the other day showing he only had one straight one, I thought it was the only entry or the judge had been got at! But well done to both of them as these village shows and taking part is what it is all about.