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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

"Don't expect anything original from an echo."


Comrade Bond (Sophie)

 It started off cool this morning, I even put a coat on first lot, but once again as the morning has gone on the temperature has started to soar and it is now shirt sleeve order once again. First two lots have had an ordinary canter followed by a good pick of grass. For third lot we have had most of the backward and un-raced horses though the stalls. That all went off without a blip and they now only need to be bounced out a couple of times for them to be ready to run.

Astrocat (Sinead)

I mentioned at the time that I thought the BHA decision not to reciprocate the Emirates Racing Authority ruling to ban a jockey, was going to open a can of worms. Sure enough the E.R.A. has now imposed costs on the jockey involved. This is why I believe that the rules of racing should be unified world wide. It is very disappointing to me when our own authority does not stand by the ruling of another.

Prayer Time (Tom) having a nice pick of grass

Once again I will be having a non runner today because of the ground. I talked to the clerk of the course at the 48 hour declaration stage and he assured me that there would be no firm in the going description. Today there is and by the time we get to 8.15 tonight it will be more firm than good to firm. It is so disappointing as I am desperate to run this filly and in fact there are three non runners in this race now make it in to a seven runner race - which is what everyone is trying to avoid. Just looking at today’s non runners there are already 12 at Goodwood and 15 at the other courses making a total of 27 non runners today.  I can tell you without any doubt if it wasn’t for the 48 hour declarations, and having to guess at the ground, there would be considerably less and the whole issue of field sizes would go away.