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New boxes are completed

Friday, 01 August 2014

"Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless."

Bill Watterson.

Swilken (Emilie)

It's really warm and muggy once again but if the forecast is anything to go by we are in for a good rain this evening and over the weekend. I really hope we get some as the gallops and the stud need it desperately.
 First lot has been on the town sand and on Bury Hills, second lot cantered up Long Hill polytrack and third lot will be doing the same.

Astromajor (Glenn)

Our newly installed stables, which are where the pool's pump room was,  are in the process of having their finishing touches today and hopefully we shall have new inmates this weekend. It must be  at least forty years since they were used as stables and it is great to get the history back into the place. We have matched the boxes to the others in that section of the yard and, during the conversion, we found the original floors were still there under the concrete in perfect condition. As you know this is phase one of the plan and the rest will follow starting this autumn.

Humphry Repton (Glenn)

It was great to see Cavalryman win the Goodwood Cup at the age of eight. It looks as if he will be having another go at the Melbourne Cup later on in the year. He is by one of my favourite old stallions, Halling, who has now retired from covering at Darley. I hope they find him a good home as a stallion when his racing days are over as he is tough and genuine, has the speed to win at shorter trips  but also stays well which is always a sign of a good horse.

Lexi Grady Alice (Sophie) stopping the traffic

I cannot wait to have proper rain  to soften the firm ground  and have some runners. As you can imagine  it's very frustrating at the moment but let's hope our patience will be rewarded soon.