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We need some rain to run

Friday, 25 July 2014

"Silence is a fence around wisdom."

German Proverb.

Blue Bounty (Sinead) leading Astromajor (Glenn)

It’s another very hot morning with the sun beating down on us as we speak. After exercise all the horses get a good wash down, first with soapy water and then with a cold hose. Once scraped off, they go back into their boxes feeling cool and clean. First lot went across to the peat moss gallop on racecourse side, where all went to plan and second lot did three canters, on the Town Canter, Bury Hill to the chalk pit and then up the Limekilns grass. I don’t like to say it because it is tempting fate, but it all went off without a hitch. I just wish there was a bit of rain so I could run one or two of them. The forecast is for it to be cooler this weekend and some showers coming through, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Bracken Brae (Abbie)

I see two more horses have tested positive for morphine. That now takes it up to seven and it may go even higher as more samples are taken. It looks like it all came from some batch of feeding oil and I think in cases like this, when it is all connected, it is just very bad luck for everybody concerned. Morphine is used in the veterinary profession, especially when horses are operated on and it seems very hard to imagine that these horses had it deliberately.

My Guardian Angel (Heather)

I see the jockeys are talking about the small field sizes and what a major issue it is for some of their members. I can remember Dale Gibson arguing for wider ranged handicaps, ie not so restricted with the weights, and this could certainly help as nobody wants to run out of the handicap. It is an idea worth talking about. Also the 48 hour declarations needs to be looked at, as the amount of non-runners when the ground changes or the clerk of the courses lie, certainly doesn’t help field sizes either. Just a couple more ideas on it.

Walking from one canter to the next

It will soon be the start of the yearling sales once again, with the USA and Deauville sales nearly upon us. It is amazing how quickly it comes around. We will then have Doncaster, Goffs and Newmarket in quick succession. With each sale every year there seems to be a change to the format, and there is once again this year especially at Newmarket with Book 2 being reduced and Book 3 having another day. It should work well enough and let’s hope there are some buyers around for the majority of the horses, but my comments yesterday on the percentage increase was very telling. We have plenty of attractive yearlings for sales this time that have been homebred, and as you know I have had great success buying horses at the sales previously. If anybody is thinking of having a horse, get in touch and we can have a plan of action.

Going home through the woods

Di is having a well earned rest and week off next week so the site will be done by Ian, which could mean anything. I don’t want anybody emailing in saying he has spelt a word wrong or not put a comma in the right place. We will both be trying our best and I am sure it will look right and have plenty of content.