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The temperature has dropped

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

"I’ve never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful."


Blue Bounty (Heather) leading Crystal Pearl (Jessica) and Prayer Time (Jimmy Quinn)

It’s a slightly overcast morning and certainly a bit cooler than of late, in fact it is the perfect summer day. There is a slight breeze which will be starting to dry up the very wet ground. We have had a good morning so far with a couple of jockeys in once again, and we have been working across the flat and around Side Hill. The ground across the flat was like a carpet, as it should be after the rain we have had. It is amazing how the turf here at Newmarket takes the rain. It is much better than the racecourse, which is always being heavily watered and the roots of the grass grow sideways rather than down.

Bracken Brae (Joe Akehurst)

I see the Tapeta surface at Wolverhampton got a mixed reaction from all the jockeys who used it yesterday. I think it is too early to make a decision and we will have to see how it beds in. The makers have said there are ten changes from the original formula and that any snow will have to be blown or bladed off the surface. This sounds to me as if they are hedging their bets. We will just have to see how it stands up to the wet and the frost, but let’s hope it does and everybody is happy.

My Guardian Angel (Farhan) leading the string

We have started weaning at the stud and the first five or six mares have been moved and the weanlings have settled down well on their own. It is always a difficult time for everybody but it needs to be done and we do it in the best way possible. They are all friends together and are playing around with each other as if nothing has happened. It is amazing how quickly it all comes round and we will be foaling again before you know it.

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Judi with Smokey Oakey and the children from East Park Riding for the Disabled

Bryan Agar came the other day to watch Peeps run at Newmarket and gave us some pictures of Judi with Smokey Oakey. He has settled into his new home really well and is about to have his first outing at a show. Judi was at the stables to present prizes for the Riding for the disabled, which is such a good association. I hope he can be as successful as Astrobrava, who has just qualified once again for the Horse of the Year Show. She is becoming a top class show hack and how delighted we all are.