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Three runners today

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The lovers of romance can go elsewhere for satisfaction but where can the lovers of truth turn if not to history?"

Katharine Anthony.

Blue Bounty (Jessica)

There was a big harvest moon once again last night. These very bright moons were either called harvest or poacher’s moon when I was younger, but the forecasters now call them something completely different, which is beyond me. Anyway, they are very bright and you could walk about very safely all night long if you wanted to. I didn’t see any shooting stars though, which they said we may be able to see in the north and I always think it is lucky to see one. After yesterdays work morning we are just having an easy day cantering. The string is a bit depleted today as we have got several runners and a couple away on holiday.

Sant'Elia (Heather)

We have got three runners today, one at Beverley and two tonight at Yarmouth. Topamichi runs at Beverley. He has been waiting for some ground and although I am sure it will dry up as the day goes on, I don’t think it will jar him. As usual for one of mine and it drives me completely stark raving bonkers, we are drawn right on the outside which in not helpful at all, but plans have been put in place and let’s hope they work. He is in good form.

Yarmouth has already changed its ground to good from the official soft in the Racing Post. This is just an example of what happens, as you declare on soft and then it changes in a day. Now why, nobody knows, but it is the biggest problem trainers have getting the truth out of clerk of the courses and having to guess on the weather. We run Topaling in the 1m 4f race. She won a little race at Lingfield last week and is starting to get the idea. I hope she can run well again today. Comrade Bond loves this track and if he is on a going day must be involved once again.

Walking in the sunshine

I see Ladbrokes chief executive is warning that the sport of racing could be unsustainable as a betting product, if the cost of the bookmakers is not reduced. He also says the younger gamblers are not attracted to the sport. You can never believe everything that is said and you shouldn’t read a lot into the headlines, as it is certainly in the bookmaker’s interest to keep the cost down. With the threat of the offshore market being taxed properly for the first time in the near future, and the racing rights being touted, the bookmakers are worried that racing is beginning to get a more deserved piece of the cake. However, his comments should not just be dismissed and I think a good conversation and dialogue should be had with the bookmakers, certainly on the lines of making racing more exciting and promoted much better. We need to get rid of the hum drum racing, which doesn’t do anything for our sport, and get people involved with new ideas who know what they are doing.