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Stable canteens

Thursday, 14 August 2014

"No man has a good enough memory to make a successful liar."

Abraham Lincoln.

Blue Bounty (Heather) leading Prayer Time (Farhan)

It’s an overcast morning but still warm and no sign of rain as yet, which means all the courses will be drying up and good to firm will be the common going description shortly. It certainly was not soft at Beverley or Yarmouth yesterday and I am sure the good to soft and soft at Yarmouth were completely wrong. We did two good canters with the horses this morning, which all went well, a load of hay arrived, and a colt was castrated, just a normal morning.

Sant'Elia (Abbie) leading Smile That Smile (Sophie) and Lexi Grady Alice (Jessica)

It was a disappointing day for the runners yesterday, with Topamichi pulling much too hard once again and the ground not soft enough for him. He needs to have everything in his favour with a fast run race and soft ground, but I might try one of these new fashioned hoods on him next time, just to see if that calms him slightly. Both the two at Yarmouth won best turned out, which they thoroughly deserved, but ran very disappointingly. I am not sure of the reason and we will be taking stock in the next few days.

Swilken leading the string

I see the European pattern committee have had a rush of blood to the head and completely changed the programme for three-year-old sprinters for next year. They have conjured up a new Group 1, 6f race for three-year-olds only at Ascot next year, and upgraded 10 more races, some from listed, some from Group 3 and some from Group 2 to Group 1. I don’t quite see their reasoning to suddenly have a new Group 1, but let’s see how it all pans out. I think the stallion masters will be happy, as there will be some younger Group winners to retire to stud. I don’t think it will stop the drain of good horses abroad, as the money is much too good to refuse. It is not worth keeping one in training in the hope it may win a Group 1.

Crystal Pearl (Abbie)

There was an interesting first race at Yarmouth last night, with the first three horses home costing £1 million between them. The winner cost over £300,000, the second over £500,000 and the third over £200,000. The race was only worth £2,500 to the winner and only six runners took part because everybody else thought they had no chance whatsoever against the top three. This race sums up what we have been saying for a while.

Hold Firm (Jessica)

I hope a few journalist are reading this today, as I want to start a campaign for all stable canteens to supply legitimate stable staff with a free meal, and free tea and coffee all day long, when the staff are away racing. At present a few courses supply tea and coffee, but meals are invariable around the £5 mark, even for breakfast. I think that with the amount of money racecourses are making nowadays, this should be compulsory across the board. I know other people use the canteen, like the stalls handlers, grounds men and other daily workers, but it could be easily policed as when the lads sign in with their passes, they could be issued with a token for the day.