They are not children ...

A lovely, fresh morning

Monday, 02 August 2010



Walking on Bury Hill

''What we call the beginning is often the end.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.'' 
- T.S. Eliot


Coming through the woods from Bury Hill to Waterhall

A lovely, fresh morning and we have been on one of my old-fashioned Monday morning exercises. I used to love this exercise when I was assistant trainer to my old Guv'nor,  Ryan Jarvis, in the 70's. It consists of a long walk, a nice trot, a relaxing walk through the woods, another little trot and walk, a nice canter up Railway Land and a walk home. It is one of those exercises you can't help but enjoy, you see plenty of the Heath, lots of wildlife, the horses really enjoy it and they are having a good exercise without them knowing it. 


Ted Spread takes it all in

We have no runners today and tomorrow but then the week will hot up with runners every day from Wednesday. We were delighted with Smokey Oakey, who finished where he should have done, according to the ratings and is now spot on, if we get his favoured soft ground in the near future. I actually got to see the race, as we had to rush back from Goodwood, where we were for the weekend because we had a very sick foal, which needed urgent attention and decisions needed to be made. 


Crossing over onto Waterhall at the bottom of the Limekilns

A big thank you to Robin Gibson of the Racing Post, who reviewed this website on Sunday and, if I may say it myself, gave us a fantastic review. This reflects on all the people behind the scenes, who have helped so much on the new site. Both Paul and Neill at GFM, who are the technical boys behind it and are brilliant - and not nerdy! Neil and Angie who have done so much re-writing and shaping of the new site and Neil who does all the daily photographs and editing. A very big thank you from me. We are constantly striving to keep it interesting and up-to-date and I hope that everybody likes it. I have one confession to make, Biscuit the dog, does not belong to me, I only borrow him occasionally from Rebecca Marriott, who keeps him fed and exercises him daily. The only thing he has to do is bring her the Racing Post. 


Astrovenus (Michelle) and Astrolibra (Wajid)


Fasette (Abbey) and No Rules (Iain)


Walking home at the top of the Al Bahathri on Lord Derby's private ground