It's Champions weekend ...

Swilken is a non-runner

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

"Every morning is a beautiful morning."

Terri Guillemets.

Smile That Smile (Sophie)

It feels as if autumn is nearly upon us this morning, with the temperature dropping by at least 5 degrees. It is all because the air is coming from the north, but no rain and the wind is drying up the ground. Most of the tracks are good to firm if not firm. How many times have I said before, the clerk of the courses love to have good in their description, when there is absolutely no good in them at all.  A two canter morning with everything, which has all gone satisfactorily.

Coming out of the woods

Unfortunately Swilken will not be running at Yarmouth today, in a race I thought he had a chance. He was found to have a temperature this morning of over 101 + and had not eaten his evening feed. These things can suddenly happen for absolutely no reason, but we will be monitoring him very carefully. I hope that it is just a one off, rather than an infection that will spread throughout the yard.

Peeps (Heather) & Toparali (Abbie) heading home

It was interesting to read a couple of articles today in Racing Post. The first was on Gibraltars legal challenge to point of consumption betting tax. They have applied for a judicial review. This is an interesting one for me, as I thought Gibraltar was a British colony or protectorate, and understood our laws were their laws, but evidently not. The second one was on the betting window page, where the main article was about the closure of betting accounts and how the bookmakers know who is having a bet, from whichever computer they use. All this technology is completely beyond me, but it seems it is getting more sophisticated by the day. It is a bit like the drug industry. The developers are trying to keep ahead of the game and the bookmakers are trying to avoid being fleeced.