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Another fresh morning but no significant rain

Tuesday, 03 August 2010


Richard Marriott with Battery Power and Maria

''All the great performers had something in their eyes. It was that 'I know something that you don't know'. And I wanted to be that kind of performer.''

- Bob Dylan


The string arrives at the top of Railway Land

Another fresh morning but no significant rain, in fact, we have had so little that the watered gallop is still in constant use. We had a change this morning and went to the Al Bahathri all-weather with all the normal jockeys being out and several owners coming to see their horses work. I always like it when the owners come because it gives me chance to explain a lot about the training process and how patient you have to be sometimes. They can also meet the jockeys as well as having a good breakfast and there is always plenty of craic going on.


Ashley on Akula and Pat Cosgrove on Cornish Beau get their galloping orders 

One of the owners this morning was Richard Marriott, who if you look on page 78 of The Racing Post today, you will see that he has just won the 10-to-follow competition for July and a nice prize with it. For good measure, one of his other entries  finished eighth. Richard has both Battery Power and Old Boy Ted in training at Flint Cottage, both of which are very nice, big, strong, scopey horses, who will be running this autumn but will make up into cracking three year olds. 


Astroleo (Nicki), Akula (Ashley) and Cornish Beau (Pat Cosgrove) plus Marvo (Maria) and Kinsya (Steve Smith-Eccles)


No Rules (Iain) and Omokoroa (Colin) plus Brushing (Darryll Holland)


Astrolibra (Liam Jones) and Kathleen Frances (Butch) plus Captain Clint (Dan) and Miss Wendy (Holly)

The equine dentist has been here this week. Not only will he be doing the horses in training but he will be visiting the stud and the mares will be having their's done as well. He is from South Africa and he brings a couple of colleagues with him as well. The three of them get really stuck in, they are immaculately clean and very professional at the job; hence, he is building up a really good business around the world. Horses want their teeth doing a minimum of twice a year and it helps with so many things. If they are sharp, it can affect their mouths and how they hold the bit and they may hang away from this in a race. Another thing is the digestion of food and if they have caps, they tend to swallow it whole, rather than grind it up. There are so many other problems it can solve and is a must for all trainers to keep on top of. 


De-briefing after the work