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Wedding bells

Friday, 05 September 2014

"Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own."

Robert Heinlien.

Peeps (Frankie)

A very foggy morning and once again it was hard to see the horses until they were right on top of you. First lot were galloping on the Limekilns short grass gallop, and it was only the last fifty yards that you had a glimpse of them. I'm told by all the jockeys that there were no problems when out of view. It has taken until mid-morning for it to get a bit clearer. It looks set to stay dry for the next few days unfortunately as I am pretty desperate for rain to get some of the horses out on the track.

Toparali (Emelie)

We have no entries until Tuesday of next week so it will be a very quiet weekend. In fact it gives Angie and I a chance to attend a wedding. One of my founder owners was Lady Nelson of Stafford and her grandaughter, Emma, is the bride this weekend. We all wish the Emma and Fred many congratulations and let's hope the sun shines for them. 

Astrodiamond (Frankie)

There's a fantastic picture on the front of the Post this morning, and I think it could well be a contender for racing photo of the year. It was Laytown races yesterday and I forgot to mention they were on as I usually do. It is one of those places everybody should attend once in their lifetime. As the tide goes out the course is marked out, the horses and people arrive, and the dunes become the viewing area.  Once it is all over the tide is back and you wouldn't know anything had happened. It is a great experience.

Toptempo (Emelie)

It always amazes me that jockeys fail to weigh in and we have just had another case in Ireland when an apprentice failed to do so after riding a winner. There is one simple solution they all weigh out, just make them all weigh in. To explain this further the jockeys have to weigh out in colours and tack before each race with the correct weight. But usually there will be a shout of, "First four only" by the clerk of the scales as they all troop back in after the race. Sometimes due to a long de-brief to owners and trainers there are stragglers who come back into the weighing room in dribs and drabs. Usually they ask the clerk of the scales, "First four only sir?" which is answered,"Yes",  or occasionally, "No all weigh." I would think what has happened in this case, is that with the excitement of  the winner the boy just forgot to weigh. The only solution is to all weigh  back in every time.