A very well deserved winner of the Longines Ladies Award ...

The weather is set fair for the week

Monday, 08 September 2014

"Nobody is bored when he is trying to make something that is beautiful, or to discover something that is true."

William Inge.

Hold Firm (Ali), Prayer Time (Farhan) and Astromajor (Reece)

We have a blue sky, no wind and the temperature is set to rise once the sun gets high in the sky, and it looks set fair to be like it most of the week. The south missed all the rain over the weekend but the northern tracks got a good dollop and are mainly good, good to soft at present. We have been out on Side Hill this morning having a good healthy exercise around the mile and a quarter polytrack. Everybody is in and all working well.

Crystal Pearl (Frankie), Astrodiamond (Abbie) and Lexi Grady Alice (Emelie)

I must make a comment once again, on the article that appeared in the Racing Post on Sunday about access to the Newmarket training grounds. I am speaking now as Chairman of the Newmarket Trainers Federation, which represents every trainer in the area. The facts are these, nothing, and I repeat, nothing has changed from the point of view of the publics viewing on the heath. Everybody is always welcome to park their car or walk up form the town and watch the horses training. They have always stood in safe areas and both public and trainers get on like a house on fire. There is plenty of banter between strings and viewers. Why this has blown up I don’t know. We must have safety at work for our members and the owners who are paying fees to train the horses. We all have permits to train, both nationally and from Jockey Club estates to use the heath in Newmarket. Safety at work is our priority, both for staff and horses. If you were watching Manchester United train you would have to stand in a restricted area, even if you could get there. It is the same thing with Newmarket, in fact Newmarket is much more accessible than any premiership football club. You just couldn’t walk into anybody’s business, into a factory, behind the scenes in a supermarket, it is just not the real world, so why this position has been taken by the Racing Post I am not sure. There is still the same accessibility to the training grounds there always was and let nobody say that is untrue.

Peeps (Jessica)

It’s the yearling sales and the Horses In Training sale in the next couple of months and once again the Newmarket Horses In Training sale has come up trumps. A few years ago there was Makfi, who went on to win the 2000 guineas and on Saturday we saw G Force, who was snapped up for £25,000 in the Horses In Training sale win the Group 1 Haydock sprint. We will be attending all the sales and if anybody wants to buy a winner please get in touch.